A weekend on the rock

Good morning world! I’ve been wanting to start a little blog for a while now, just documenting our adventures with our Elin. Its really for my own benefit, so I can look back one day and remember all the lovely things we did together, and maybe show her when she’s older too. As a family we take so many pictures and with this space maybe I’l stop spamming everyone’s facebook newsfeed! I probably won’t but the intention is good. So as my first ever post in the world of blogging I thought I’d share our little weekend away in Jersey!



Growing up, I had this image in my head of family holidays and it always included being stranded at the airport. For some reason I thought of it as an integral part of a true family holiday. I think ‘Outnumbered’ probably was to blame for that notion. Anyway, I got to live out that idea on the Friday morning when our flight was delayed several hours and then canceled altogether. Really not as ‘idyllic’ as child me thought. However we were really well looked after, given a whole load of food vouchers resulting in about three breakfasts each, and given priority on the next available flight. They definitely made a slightly stressful situation a lot easier. Plus,it turns out an airport is the perfect place for a toddler. We literally climbed this staircase about 150 times and she made friends with any and every other person in the terminal. It was like a giant play ground for her. We finally got on the flight and arrived in Jersey a little later and more exhausted than planned, but relatively unscathed 😉



Our first full day on the island was my birthday! Happy birthday to me and all that. I look back at the photos from the day and can’t believe we crammed so much in. We must have been going non stop, but it was a brilliant family day anyway.


Jersey beaches are AMAZING. I say this having lived on a pretty beautiful part of the English coast my entire life. The beach just seems to go on forever and while we were there it was practically deserted. I guess it gets a lot busier during summer but we practically had the whole thing to ourselves.


We rented bikes and cycled from St Hellier to St Aubins. It was Elin’s first time on a bike and clearly she found it a little boring! That or mummy’s bum is an excellent pillow.


You know what they say, a family that cycles together stays together, right? 😉


Obviously a birthday lunch can only consist of chocolate brownie and ice cream Sundae. Pretty sure Elin was on board this whole birthday thing after all this!


Our afternoon was spent at Tamba checking out all the dinosaurs and a lot of play in the indoor and outdoor parks. Elin loved it, and little miss independent spent the entire time toddling about on her own. This trip definitely made us see her for the TODDLER that she is, rather than the baby that she was. As much as I miss those fleeting moments of her as a tiny new born, this new phase is so much fun too!



It is the greatest privilege to be this sweet little girls mumma. She really is the sweetest little soul, always so busy and full of joy. She’s also the most high maintenance little monkey with a hell-of-a temper too. But I wouldn’t change a smudge of her for the world.


Am I the only one who loves the fluffy dressing gowns in hotels? Until I think of the amount of people who have worn them. But still, they are always far comfier and fluffier and better than your regular dressing gown.

Sorting through all our photos from the trip I figure I best turn this into a few posts because we take that many. That and the fact that Elin’s nap is so nearly over to I best leave it there anyway. We had such a beautiful trip and this first day and my 22nd birthday was really special. To spend quality time altogether is priceless and E really thrives being out and about. We were so lucky to take this trip and we are so blessed to have a baby who travels so amazingly well!

I’l share a little more as soon as madam allows!

Have a lovely day,

Love, Us


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