A weekend on the rock, pt 2


We spent our Sunday morning exploring Durrel animal park. It was so lovely to be in the sunshine and allow Elin the freedom to explore and lead the way. Although I’m not sure she was as taken by the gorillas as us, she definately enjoyed being outdoors in the fresh air.


At some point we’re just going to have to admit that our daughter would be quite content hanging out on stair cases her entire childhood. It drives us mad but shes obsessed with them! I’m eternally grateful that we don’t have stairs in our home.


These two are just adorable and melt my heart! I can not get enough of either of them.


I loved all the blossoms and flowers everywhere. This day had such a summery feel to it and seeing all these lovely flowers made me really happy.


We took the little sea train along the beach to meet up with some friends for a picnic in the afternoon. Admittedly Elin’s not keen on the whole sitting still thing, so a train journey with no where for her to run wasn’t the best choice, but i’m sure these things will grow on her as she gets older!


What I said about the beaches? AMAZING. and again, practically deserted.


And she found her first water fountain. I see years of this sort of thing ahead of us.


On our final day we visited the _____ gardens. It was pretty rainy but the flowers we still lovely and it was nice to just have a wander. The island has so many parks and gardens that just feel so safe and friendly that we could let Elin lead the way and really explore how she wanted too.



My angel!


Our last stop was to aMaizin! Adventure park! For Elin. Not us, obviously. Being a Monday in term time we had the whole place practically to ourselves until the schools kicked out. I kept saying it and James kept laughing but it really was Amazing here.


We didn’t get a whole load of pictures in the play area, because, well we were playing too much 😉 But you get the idea! such a lovely park full of some really cool stuff. We love having Elin as shes the perfect excuse to go to places like this. I also made really good friends with this guinea pig, and the second we have a garden we are getting a pair. Sorry James, Its happening.


Elins handbag? She picked it up in Cath Kidson and wouldn’t let it go. We’d bought her a little back pack she wasn’t keen on, but this hasn’t left her side! No word of a lie, when we took her out of the cart to walk, she screamed stupidly, walked back to the cart, picked up her bag, slung it over her neck and was fine after that. It really was as if to say, right, I’m ready now! Start ’em young, I guess! But when I pick up handbags in shops James doesn’t automatically buy them for me now does he?! Oh well, I can’t begrudge her a little bag, it’s too adorable and really seems precious to her. He toy phone and nubby keys live there now, obviously.



Our flight home meant Elin had nearly the entire terminal to herself. Remember what I said about toddlers and airports? HOURS of fun for her.

We had such a beautiful weekend in the Jersey sunshine. It was the first holiday we have taken that really felt like a family holiday. It was really focused on Elin and a little window into all the family holidays we might take in years to come. Jersey is such a beautiful island and feels so friendly and safe. I really hope we can visit again soon and I highly recommend it to anyone with young children! There really was so much to do and all the parks, gardens and attractions are so well kept. Life gets really busy sometimes and its hard not to slip into a monotonous routine of work and bills and chores. Its so special to take time together as a family and make some amazing memories together. Although getting back into routine this week really has been tough!




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