We spent the afternoon in my mums garden planting Elin’s first ever sun flower seeds. I’ve always thought of Elin as somewhat of  a free spirit, she thrives being outdoors and independent, doing her own busy little things. We have no idea when all these things will start to resonate with her but I love including her in little every day tasks none the less. If nothing else its good to catch some Vitamin D and get your hands dirty now and again, right?


Its been amazing to watch this pickle grow and develop, and seeing the little clogs turning in her mind this afternoon was really lovely.


She’s just so delicious, I can’t get enough of this beautiful smile!


So we may be some way off teaching her all about photosynthesis but she definately enjoyed putting all the pots in side each other! I love seeing Elin enjoying the outdoors. We get criticized a lot for letting her play in the dirt and make a mess of herself but honestly, in my eyes that’s the only way to grow up. I was barefoot and outside pretty much my entire childhood and it never did me any harm. Besides, shes building up a hell of an immune system too!


No gardening session would be complete without watering them, right?


The face she makes seconds before eating the soil. Thanks, kid. I swear paper, dirt and my lipsticks could make up her diet for the week. Just kidding, mostly 😉


More guinea pig cuddles, for Elin, obviously. Seriously needing a couple of piggies in our lives! I’m hoping enough hints and James will catch on fairly quickly.


Maybe Elin’s sunflower will grow and maybe it won’t, but it doesn’t hugely matter. It was more about experiencing the sun and the grass and the soil. Elin has the most wonderful spirit and I think its our jobs as parents to keep it shining through all sorts of play. Even if that means shes wet, muddy and digesting soil.


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