Farmer Palmer’s!


James works almost every weekends and this one just gone is the first in a really long time that he’s taken both Saturday and Sunday off. The weather was set to be amazing too- better than Ibiza apparently! So we celebrated with a little trip to Farmer Palmer’s. There are literally so many attractions in the southwest we have a list as long as my arm of the places we want to go to want to take Elin to. Hopefully this summer we can slowly tick off those places. So here’s a few from our family day out!


Elin was hypnotized by the lambs and baby goats. They were really loud and kept her fascinated until she let out a big sign and led us out of the barn! We get it, Elin, there are lots of slides and things and the animals can wait.


Elin had me absolutely cracking up playing peek a boo with her sun hat. Every day she does something seriously adorable and seriously funny and it kills me each time. These pictures I can’t get enough of!


She is getting more beautiful by the day!


Her face every single time that she gets to ride on Daddy’s shoulders. Its the best place to be.


Our girl lives for slides! She adores them. Her whole face lights up with anticipation and joy when she’s at the top waiting to go down. That face still doesn’t get boring no matter how many times we go down.


Same goes for bridges. We’ve yet to find one that can’t enchant her for a good 20 minutes. So this woodland walk with 6 bridges took a while! Even more so when we find a toy kitchen on the way around. I read something like ‘you know you have a toddler when it takes hours to go anywhere’ and that is certainly true of our Elin these days.


Everyone loves a good woodland walk and I see so many more coming our way this year.


They have loads of these sit on tractors and considering Elin’s pretty enamored with our one at home, she was in her element with all these. Although obviously she needed the biggest one there. Obviously.


In addition to all the farm animals there’s also some really lovely play barns too- soft play, a sensory barn for younger kids and hay bale slides where you climb giant hay bales to slide down. We don’t take photos in the play areas because there’s so many other kids and also we like to give Elin our whole attention and join in with her play, but they are brilliant zones and so much fun. That plus bouncy castles, tractor and pony rides, go karts and handling of the animals you could easily waste a day here.

We had an a amazing day altogether. Being in the sunshine with each other making memories is how I’d like Elin’s entire childhood to be, and that starts right now.

I hope you are all enjoying the sun, lets hope it continues! Have a lovely week,

Love, Us.



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