Things have been pretty busy for us with a very sudden and quick house move. Pretty much every day has been spent decorating and moving with a toddler in tow. No easy feat, I promise you! It was really lovely to take a bit of time out last evening after dinner and wonder on down the beach and dust off our camera too.

We have a serious water baby on our hands these days. She completely LOVES the ocean and I am so glad. She literally has no fear, or concept of cold, and is the first kid in and last kid out as soon as we step foot on any beach. Its joyous to watch.


Trying to step over the waves, its pretty tough when your legs are this little!


She loves just running out to sea and her face is pure excitement. She’ll try and outrun the waves and squeals when a new wave hit. It needs to be filmed because its just so full of happiness and I wanna always remember it. In terms of photos its so hard to get her face as she’s so busy running INTO the sea and never out of it. I’m not brave enough to take the camera in with me! Mental note to bring the go pro next time.


I’m so happy to see her enjoying the beach. We live so close it seems a crime not too. So far we’re managing a paddle at least every week and I’m sure we’ll go even more when summer truely hits. Its still stupidly cold right now and the surf was really up last night (in baby terms at least) so we’re holding her pretty tight. But if she had her way she’d be off like a shot, no care where her boring parents are.


I swear I will have a hundred variations of this photo by the time summer’s out. And then I’l start all over again next year!


My 2 loves! Pouting at having to come out of course. And how big does E look here? Girl, you are huge!


And obviously after all that fun its onesie time! This is seriously the only way I’d want her childhood. An evening paddle, quick change into pjamas and then wonder on home to get into bed. She has no idea how blessed we are!

I hope you all have  a lovely weekend, filled with family and friends and good food! I’m hoping we’ll get to enjoy a bit more family time between unpacking every single one of our possessions. Considering we were living in a one bed (and had a mammoth clear out when we moved there last winter) we still seem to have accumulated stupid amounts of stuff. Hoping to show you pictures of our humble abode very soon!




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