Summer Solstice!

I honestly can’t not share these pictures of our Elin from this evening. Somehow all the rain burned out and we were actually blessed with a beautiful senset. We got to watch our monkey feeding baby ducklings which is possible life’s most simple of pleasures I’ve ever witnessed so far. And she just generally loves this patch of the cliffs. I caught these pictures and they absolutely melt my heart. Every parent says it but they grow up too fast! She’s looking far too beautiful and big all of a sudden and I’d quite like to slow time down right now!


I swear she looks about 5 feet tall here!


Girl on a mission. She’s always busy, our baby.


ANNNND STRETCH. just casual exercises at sunset. This would be relaxing for most adults let alone a toddler’s evening routine.


This smile is magic to me. I never knew how powerful your babies smile could be to you, but seeing her joyous face lifts me up like nothing else! She blesses our days and makes everything brighter; I can’t wait for summer with our pickle!

Happy Monday everyone!


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