Strawberry Pickin’


Last year James and I took a very baby Elin over to Ford Abbey to pick some strawberries. Obviously she was completely unaware, slept most of the time and couldn’t have cared less about the strawberries she was too young to enjoy. I think that we started a tradition all the same.We returned this last weekend with a toddler at our toes and all had so much fun enjoying the outdoors together and making memories.


This girl lives for the outside! As much as I love her free spirit and how much she feeds off of the great outdoors, it makes lazy days at home feel reaaaaally long.


Once she realised she could eat them as well as pick them the whole process slowed down somewhat. She kept taking one bite and putting it back before picking another and having another one bite. We really did try to stop her, sort of!


Okay from this point on it really is just E eating strawberries in varying degrees of cuteness. But in my defense babies piggin out on strawberries is really very cute! In my entirely bias proud mother opinion!



One day you’ll be tall enough Elin, I promise.


Honestly they are some seriously good strawberries! So, so, so much better than what you’ll buy in the shop.


Strawberries washed down with ice cream, and all before 11 o clock? This has gotta be every toddlers dream, right?


And she was off. See that tiny pink dot running away from us, yep, that’s Elin. Little miss independant was having a blast, she would have stayed several hours if we’d let her!


I know this is something we’ll be doing year after year and I hope that for E it becomes a lovely memory of her childhood. I love creating our own traditions as a family. We just don’t know when all these adventures and memories start to count for her, but for me it counts right now. I just want to nurture her spirit and if that means running madly up a strawberry patch then thats just what we’ll do!



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