Last week James and I shared the news that we would be welcoming baby number two next year! Our 12 week ultrasound was a cherished milestone in this pregnancy, it was a beautiful thing to share as a family. I wanted to capture some photo’s of us as ‘four’ and while I’d love to have a proper photographer we can never justify the expense. So we knocked these up ourselves and even though they aren’t that amazing quality you get from the professionals, they are still so special to me. This pregnancy is already flying in a way it never did or could with E and its hard to keep track of the days and weeks and feel truely present in the pregnancy. At least an evening spent taking these gives me a moment of reflection for this new wonderful little soul in my belly.


I always thought that I showed early with Elin, I had a very slight but definite bump on our Europe trip where I was just 13 weeks. But this time bump was ready and waiting by the time the test showed up! I can’t even claim food baby as I’ve not been able to eat much and indeed keep anything down this first trimester at all! I really struggled last time to love my bump and regret that so much. One stupid comment made early on had me hating on my body for the longest time. I’m trying to make a conscious effort to love my bump this time round through it all. It truely is the most beautiful change your body goes through so I just want to embrace that and stay in this happy place for the next 6 months!


Baby has the BIGGEST feet in our scan. Clearly gets that from it’s mumma and her size 8’s!


Okay so these really aren’t that great quality at all, but her face? I can’t not include that! That level of joy deserves to be shared with the world. Her spirit really does make me exceptionally proud.


Matching skirts for me and E. She won’t let me do it when she’s older so I’m making the most of it right now!


My two (for the time being) absolute favourite beings in the world! When I’m freaking out about this growing family and how on earth I’l cope with TWO little ones running around, knowing James is my partner in crime really helps. He makes it all look so effortless and I know will do exactly the same with two to contend with. He’s also Elin’s absolute hero, sohopefully that will help when Mumma is dealing with a cluster feeding velcro baby in those early weeks!


Elin’s word of the moment is baby, which is just too cute. Tonight was the first night she points at our ultra scan and says over and over Bababababy. We managed to get it on film and shared it on facebook, it was the sweetest thing and totally warms my heart. I honestly couldn’t wish for a better big sister for this child.When we started seriously planning for baby number 2, it was the thought of giving Elin the gift of a sibling, and a new baby the gift of Elin that made me feel so privileged and blessed.


And our last shot as a family of four! I love how that sounds so much.

We wished and prayed for this baby and now that we’re experiencing it,its hard to let it all sink in and feel real. But I can say there is no one I’d rather be on this journey with than these guys. I can’t wait to welcome a new little life into our chaos, but at the same time, this season of us three and half is so precious I wish I could freeze time now and again. It’s hard to imagine how I can ever love another child the way that I do Elin, but there’s also not a doubt in me that we will. I never could have imagined the all consuming love I’d feel for Elin but now that we’re experiencing that daily, its equally as hard to imagine life without it. Its hard to imagine life without that purpose and reason and to think that anything mattered much before her. In six short months I’ sure I’l be feeling that all over again as we embrace life as four. But for now Elin’s enjoying her last months as an only child, even if she doesn’t fully know it yet!


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