Bank holiday, beach and bump lovin’


We realized that we haven’t actually taken miss out to the beach so much since summer properly started. Our local beach gets so busy this time of year and James has been working extra hard to prepare for our Italian roadtrip next month, that summer has sort of slipped by without us really savoring a good beach day with this kiddo. So on a rare bank holiday Monday that we’re all three (+bump) together, we drove down to Salcombe to enjoy the last that August had to offer.




Just look at the amount of gear it takes to take one babe to the beach for a day? Add in another baby and we might as well wave good bye to days at the beaches for a good few years.

On the other hand the amount of Bump lovin’ this girl shows to my belly completely melts me! Kisses, cuddles, strokes and apparently a good lick too, shes obsessed with our peanut. Obviously we encourage it as much as we can, but I just can’t wait to see how she’ll be when bump, becomes baby, next year!




Note- not her football! Apparently no matter how many toys you bring to the beach someone else’s will be far more appealing. Luckily she’s kinda cute and most people just think she’s lovely and charming for some reason, meaning we don’t face too many tantrums!


Ahhhhhh! She’s just the sweetest! Her little face just melts me, every. single. time.




Apparently a summer spent away from the beach hasn’t dimmed her love of the sea. She was practicing her dancing feet in it, making as big a splash as any 1 year old could.

Th beaches at Salcombe are really lovely, but the tide cuts them off pretty quick as we discovered! I’d love to go back one day when all the babies are a bit older and explore all the coves in kayaks as its clear this place has so much to offer!


And one final shot of Elin doting on our bump! because I will never get tired of her planting her perfect little kisses on my growing belly.

I hope you all enjoyed your bank holiday weekend! We’re off to Italy in a  week so will be taking lots of photos and sharing them here as and when! Excitement is slowly creeping in, as well as the nerves of road tripping with a toddler and with morning sickness still not letting up. But it will be an adventure none the less.

Have a good week everyone!



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