Italy! Part Uno

Hello from sunny Tuscany! We arrived yesterday at a beautiful farm house in the middle of Tuscany where we’re settling down for a few days to celebrate our anniversary and also relax from the fast pace we’ve kept up until now. Its lovely, sort of like a holiday within a holiday. I’l share pictures of this little spot soon but for now I’ve made use of a strong wifi connection and sifted through the many, many photos of our trip so far! Here are just a few of those!


These first pictures are from our night in Pompeii. We flew into Napels with no plans to stop there, but a mix up with the hire car company meant we left way later than planned. We had only scheduled a day and a night in Pompeii, and after arriving 5 minutes after last entry to the ruins, had to make a choice between crossing either them, or the Amalfi coast off of our to do list. The ruins lost that toss which is such a shame, but we figured Elin would enjoy the coast more, making it all around less stressful. We made the best of our brief stop in Pompeii by enjoying our first Italian meal Alfresco which was a lovely relaxing way to start, after the false start of that day!


While photographing the food, like every single tourist woud, E got jealous and started leaning into he camera, posing! It was adorable.


^The face of a girl facing a really big decision on what Gelato to try first!


So a (really good) dinner followed by Gelato wrapped up our (too brief) time in Pompeii. We checked out super early to drive the Amalfi coast before Elin even woke up for the day. To say she’s not a fan of the car is an understatement so our journeys are all planned to coincide with nap or bed time so she sleeps the whole way. In this case we set off at 5am to drive the coast and be stopped at the beach for when she woke.


So, the coast is Beautiful! Driving along it is really breath taking and we could easily have spent an entire holiday exploring the little coastal towns and beaches. We had planned to take the cabel car to the top, but only remembered about three days after our visit! It was still an absolute gem of a spot and I feel so glad to have seen it. The drive over was pretty incredible too, taking us up a mountain road over looking Vesuvius. Really wish we’d got some of that journey on film as it was honestly stunning, climbing the mountain on really tiny, winding roads.


Waving like a queen!


Italy is doing amazing things for my pregnancy cravings! This time round I can not get enough of tomatoes, avocado, mozzarella, eggs- really healthy and ‘clean’ foods. Possibly just what my body needs after craving chocolate whilst breastfeeding for well over a year. So all the amazing foods here are keeping this mumma to be very happy!


^Possible one of my favourite ever pictures of these twos!


After our trip to the coast and the town of Almalfi, we ventured to a spot where James did a zip line through the mountains, before finally reaching Rome, where we’d stay a couple of nights. I’l share photos from that very soon!

Have a lovely day everyone! Thanks for following our journey ❤


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