Italy! Part Due


Hello! I thought I’d share our photos from Rome today. We had a few pit stops between Amalfi and reaching Rome but this was our next big stop. I’m not sure if its just because I loved Elin’s dress, or if because we had such a brilliant time here, but I love this set of photos! Enjoy.

4345We knew we weren’t in Rome long enough to see all the amazing museums and cultural spots it has to offer. Plus for Elin, dragging her through museums and in massive queues in the hot sunshine just wouldn’t have been a fun experience at all. While there is heaps I would one day love to see but didn’t, we’ll save those things when we travel and the kids are grown. So our day was spent taking in the city, wandering the back streets, discovering areas of park land for Elin to play chase and eating way too much pizza, pasta and gelato. It was a lovely way to get a tiny taste of such a beautiful city with very little stress.

4241Until these pictures were taken, I honestly believed that no one would have known I was pregnant unless I told them. Obviously I’m still in denial and peanut is growing and showing just fine!


The great thing is there are actually ruins along the street to take in even if you’re not planning a stop in the coliseum. You still get a little flavour of it all. Rome was seriously so crowded and so hot. But we found not many people were walking along the bans of the river so Elin could have some freedom and chase the first of the autumn leaves- or blow kisses to her mumma!



Its hard work, being One, didn’t you know?


The one museum we had to go to, was… The children’s museum! Ha! not exactly most peoples priority when in Rome, but it suited us and E perfectly. Here’s some photos from that- it was  a brilliant way to spend the afternoon out of the sunshine, with so much to capture her little imagination.


I honestly can’t recommend this place enough for anyone taking on Rome with Kiddies in tow. It was amazing! They has stuff for all ages- a designated sensory area especially for under three’s right up to science experiments in a fully kitted lab for the bigger kids. Elin loved the sensory stuff but also collected all the vegetables from the veg patch, explored little wooden homes, did the weekly shop and even sat in a fire engine. James loved it too, I caught him eagerly driving a train completely oblivious to E while he was supervising her. It was really so good here!


We did visit the Trevi fountain which is honestly BEAUTIFUL. But that spot is not only a tourist traffic jam but a real sun trap too, so was too hot for Elin. We ended up just round the corner of it, munching grapes where I snapped these pictures instead. Not the impressive picture post card shot of a the amazing fountain but she still looks so cute!

Obviously our day in Rome wouldn’t be the ideal itinerary for most tourists but I still feel we soaked up the city and got a real feel for it, even without visiting all the major attractions. And most importantly Elin had a good day, stomping her little converse all over the city!

Love, Us



One thought on “Italy! Part Due

  1. Hey! I am loving your blog so far! We are planning on travelling to Italy next May/June with our (will be then) 16 month old. Any recommendations on where to stay in Rome with the babe? We will Defo check out the children’s museum thanks to you!


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