Italy, Part Tres

Some pictures from our stay in Florence today. This was one of my favourite cities to visit not only in Italy but also the other European cities we’ve seen in past travels. It is BEAUTIFUl. With a certain madam refusing an afternoon nap (we’re transitioning between 2 down to 1 naps meaning things are a bit all over the place!) we walked miles around all the amazing back streets with her comfty in the tula. And those little cobbled streets are absolutely stunning, so full of charm, amazing fashion and some of the best window displays. 96This picture makes me laugh so much. She hadn’t spent much time in the wrap in a while, at least not awake and also in a back carry. But for this journey she became totally obsessed with James’ ears! She continued to measure them up and then compare to her own, over and over. It was the cutest thing, as though she’d only just discovered these amazing things on the side of our heads.104109103She did eventually nap, (for a winning 45 minutes!) so we got to see so much of Florence without our adorable third wheel catching all our attention. The cathedral is truly spectacular. We only saw from the outside but it absolutely takes your breath away. Hands down one of the best pieces of architecture we’ve seen this trip.

102This beautiful vintage carousel is definitely worth a visit for anyone travelling with kids! it was really cheap too and you could even buy rides in half dozens for the really keen riders! The square that its in is also really shaded which is a major bonus in such a hot and humid city, especially with littles and an on board baby bump.97101I really didn’t expect her to love it, she’s still not a fan of this whole sitting still thing. But it was actually her that made a beeline straight for it so I wasn’t complaining! And she loved it! we’d been on one for her birthday but she nursed the whole way through but this time she was really loving it!

100I mean, just look at that face! Magic!104aA late nap meant we decided to eat out for the evening. We fell in love with this resturaunt having passed it a few times that day. It was so quirky and unique and when the food came, tapas style we were all in heaven! I can’t believe what Elin ate- octopus, a lentil burger, egg plant and she demolished the tastiest bread balls ever! All flavored so beautifully, but really not what you’d expect for a one year old. She’s got some seriously good (but could be expensive!) taste for a toddler!104b104c104dWithout fail, one of the best meals we had in Italy! We easily could have ordered it all 5 times over, I don’t think Elin would have minded one bit!107105106Florence is truly so beautiful, whether you’re in the heart of it, or overlooking it. We could of sat for hours taking in this view. I’m sure there was loads of culture you could have taken in too, but I mostly loved just exploring the heart of it. Its such a gem. We’d love to come back here especially, and really immerse ourselves in the shops, squares and mostly the food!


Thank you Florence, you are a dream!



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