Pumpkin Patch!

pumpkin23This week I got to tick visiting a real life pumpkin patch off of my to do list. I honestly have always wanted to do it. Something about the idea of it just made me feel all nostalgic and autumnal and as I’ve always said, I love creating new traditions for E. We travelled further than I’d liek to admit (an hour and a half away!) to find one and ended up in Christchurch at Sopley Farm. It was so worth it! With a lovely farm shop, outdoor play area and loads of fruit picking even at this time of year, and a pumpkin patch exactly the way they should be, we had a lovely afternoon, and were able to make a day of it with fruit picking, soft play at the near by garden center and dinner out. It was a perfect surprise family day right in the middle of a week and we all needed it.

pumpkin2pumpkin4pumpkin5pumpkin6pumpkin7Elin was getting frustrated she couldn’t pick up the bigger ones but she collected lots of the littlest pumpkins for us! And she looked so cute doing it, with her concentrating face.pumpkin24pumpkin10And these sledges were so cute. (that’s one for Elin and one for her dolly in these shots!)

Peanut is growing! I’ve talked about how tough it is sometimes to feel totally present in this pregnancy (does everyone feel that way about subsequent pregnancies?) But its still nice to have a few shots of our growing bump to look back and remember this time.pumpkin21pumpkin20pumpkin22Truth is Elin would be perfectly content just on the slide at the park or at soft play, but I really like doing new things with her so she can get an interest in all sorts of activities. I think if we don’t encourage all those things and open their worlds to all these experiences it gets everyone stuck in a rut, myself included. She isn’t convinced on things such as un even ground for example, but we try to not pander to those things too much and with some encouragement she was loving running up and down the patch chasing daddy.pumpkin11pumpkin12pumpkin13pumpkin14We stopped for some fresh picked strawberries which were still so good considerign how late in the season it is now. Its hungry work, pumpkin picking! You can’t see, but in that last shot Elin had found a teeny tiny little spider and was hypnotized by it. We stopped her attempts to eat the thing, but she was really intrigued!pumpkin25These two are looking more and more alike! Poor little girl 😉

pumpkin9pumpkin8pumpkin15pumpkin16pumpkin17Thats her sharing a strawberry with her mumma. We don’t get much say in these things, once she’s decided she’s sharing, you’re eating it regardless! She also feeds ‘baby’ so I have all sorts of questionable stains on my clothes from that too. But its adorable and I’d be lying if I said otherwise!
pumpkin1This mumma had so much fun living out my own childhood fantasy. And James has agreed to make it a yearly thing, even if it is stupidly far to travel just for a few pumpkins! The whole experience is what its about, and getting out in the fresh air among pumpkins with my loves pretty much sums up my love of autumn. I can’t imagine a better way to kick start Halloween, which is pretty much the kick start of all things winter, right? Sopley farm was well worth the visit and they really do set the bar for a pick your own farm pretty high. Its exactly as they should be, homely, lots of space and family run. We had a fab time, and I can’t wait to take two littles along next year!



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