v3I have only just got around to looking and editing through all our Italy shots. Looking back on our time in Venice it feels so long ago now and going through these made me crave another holiday already! If only money were no issue!

Our last stop of our road trip was Venice and the saying ‘save the best til last’ definitely rang true whilst here. We all fell in love with the floating city and had such a brilliant end to the whole trip. We also had the added bonus of bumping into some friends out here too, who obviously just missed Elin too much not to crash her holidays 😉 And I think I have found my greatest pleasure of life- watching a one year old chasing pigeons endlessly. She was so happy and joyful it made me so happy to watch! I could (and did?) watch her all day chasing those bloody birds. It was adorable.v4v5v36v6It was the first time this trip that Elin really started taking an interest in other toddlers and children and it was completely darling. They’d be creating their own little games and she’d chase the boys trying to give kisses and cuddles. Before we went she was pretty oblivious to kids her own age, much rather just doing her own things but her level of interaction has changed so much recently and it makes me so excited to see her take on the roll of big sister!

James made a friend!

v12v11v10And then I made loads of friends by feeding them. This is obviously strictly not allowed here, but it was kinda fun!v15v14v2v13I can’t say what a life saver the wrap was for our whole trip! We did see lots of people with prams and strollers in Venice but honestly it looked like hard work. With so many bridges all with steps every few feet its not ideal, and throw in some really tiny, narrow and busy streets and the Tula was perfect! Obviously when we have baby number two (or more!) we might consider the stroller option but it was just so easy having her strapped to us and napping on the go.

v16v17I can’t say how nice it was to see these two spending so much time together. James works so hard for our family and always throws himself into family life too, but its rare to have any completely uninterrupted family time all together. Elin adores Daddy and having him there 24-7 clearly made her so happy and content, and made the whole trip easier too! I think he’ll admit that he also really got to understand this more toddler-esque version of her and respond so well to all these new challenges we face daily.

v18v19v22I’ve been wanting to capture Elin and I displaying our bellies for so long and obviously she just wasn’t playing ball. But all of a sudden in the middle of St Marks Square she was super into the whole tummy thing. It just melts me, this whole bump and baby business!

v28v26v25We weren’t even sure we were going to fit in a gondala ride but as soon as we saw Venice I knew we couldn’t leave without going on one. It may be cliche, but it was one cliche I was more than happy to live out.

v27Still rocking our matching shirts, just because. JAmes was a spoil sport and wouldn’t wear his, but it’s safely tucked in our wardrobes back home awaiting the perfect occasion.v38v37v39v35v34One of my favourite parts of visiting any new place is always the food. And Italy was always going to be amazing for that. It was even better to see Elin trying out so many new tastes and me getting to satisfy my pregnancy cravings too! here was our last breakfast at a ‘build your own pancake’ house. It was amazing! So much ice cream, toppings, nuts and sauces and all before 9 o clock. I was in heaven, let alone our E!

v23Love these two! Travelling with little ones isn’t ever going to be easy but its also more than worth it! I’m so lucky to have such a helping set of hands in James who made sure I could actually relax a little this trip and make things go as smoothly as possible for Elin too. Since we met we have always tried to prioritize travel over and above other things (collect moments, not things, and all that) and being able to take such an amazing trip as a family was a true blessing.

While Venice was our last stop and wrapped up our adventure so beautifully I still have more yet more photos to share of some of the smaller ‘inbetween’ cities, towns and villages we visited over the fortnight. I’l try to have them all posted before I get too caught up in Christmas posts! Eeeeek!







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