Bump Update- 26 weeks!

Hello! Last weekend we made the most of a really drizzly Saturday and got all the painting stuff out for Elin to practice the fine art of bump painting. It was a lot of fun 😉 We got in a right mess, stained the carpet and her dolly will likely never quite recover, but we were laughing the whole time and I think we both had the best time! Now I realize that these pictures are all completely the same to anyone who’s not her Mumma, but to me each one shows her amazing little personality and how fun she is. I love seeing them like a little series of our interaction, so I’ve gone ahead and included them all, even though they are identical. Sorry, not sorry 😉

I figured I’d use these shots and include a little bump update, for my own reminder of this time more than anything! We are 26 weeks now, and so close to saying hello to the third trimester. Time moves in the craziest of ways in pregnancy, I learned that with Elin, but ts even stranger this time around! The fact in 3 months time (give or take) we’ll be welcoming the fourth member of the Lathey family and introducing Elin to her baby brother or sister really is crazy. It does not feel long ago that we found out I was housing this little peanut and not we’re well and truely very pregnant. I see how much Elin has changed in these last six months and can’t wait to see the developments she makes in the next three before little one arrives.

Baby pip is clearly growing wonderfully in there! I find pregnancy really odd because everyone notices the bump instantly, just like I would with anyone else, but wearing it myself I barely notice just how big and round I’m getting. James is the same, which means he’s still moaning when I need to switch sides of the bed three times a night. But I guess you reach a point that you really have to admit that you are heavily pregnant, and with the third trimester sneaking up I’m getting to that point! I am so glad though, that this time I’m feeling so much more confident and at peace with my body. I went through a serious time of hating my body when pregnant with E and actually savoring it this time does wonders for my over all mood. Plus I now feel that I’m far enough along that even when my five extra pregnancy chins pop out and my feet blow up like balloons, it’s justified at this stage!

Pregnancy is really tough. I shouldn’t complain, as I have it easy compared to some, but we can all admit it has its good days and bad days. However, I am loving all the extra attension and care I’m getting from my number 1 girl, who just showers bump in cuddles and kisses! Its those moments, which typically occur right in the middle of a seriously hard and stressful day; moments where a little hand reaches for my bump in her sleep or big fat raspberries are blown over my belly button, where I’m reminded how much these little people mean to me. And how worth while all of this is. Motherhood is the hardest job in the world, and the only role you will ever have where one tiny, perfect minute can inspire you for a lifetime, but it really does.


Just 3 short months left (that include the build up to christmas!) of this precious time of E and me. Its overwhelming to imagine sharing my time between two, but when that gets too much I think about seeing Elin grow into the role of big sister and I can’t possibly feel sad. But I am still trying to make the most of this short season of just her and I while it lasts. We include baby bump in everything these days and her role play with her Dolly has gotten pretty impressive (including dolly getting a clean nappy courtesey of Elin at every. single. change.) so doing a bit of bump painting instead of our usual crafty activities was just the perfect rainy day activity.

Just three months before our family of three becomes four, and while I don’t feel ready even in the slightest, I still couldn’t be more excited and eager to see how everything unfolds as a mumma of two. Its amazing how calm I feel this time- not because I’m ready, prepared for the chaos and sleep deprivation and madness of two littles, but because I know we’ll get through no matter what, because we have too. And because the love you have for them is the strongest force in the world. I know how powerful that love as a mother is, so I know that we’ll be just fine.

Just three months before we meet you, baby. Three months before you join your sister, your daddy and me. And I couldn’t be happier to welcome you earth side with us. So many adventures await ❤





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