Autumn Blessings!

We recently had the pleasure of working with a photographer new to the area who captured some maternity shots for us. Kate from Katherine Newman photography (  was literally a breath of fresh air and managed to create some truly stunning shots for our family. These images mean so much to me so I just had to share.

Now, I am super picky about photography, and most always just mess about myself to get some decent enough images. I am far far from a professional and our camera rarely if ever comes off of auto, but I’m happy enough with the results. I think family photography is such a personal process that having anyone else there can sometimes take away a bit of the magic. But that was the complete opposite with Kate. She caught moments that I didn’t even realize were happening and so beautifully depicted this season of our lives and the love that is engulfing us in this family-of-three-nearly-four bubble. She was so friendly and her patience with our very assertive toddler made the whole shoot so successful. You can tell that she’s a mumma herself as she just understood babies and was able to capture Elin in her most natural way.

When we saw the gallery I was honestly so emotional to see our beautiful little girl and our family so happy together. And then to receive our high resolution images too, I was blown away with the quality. I’m pretty sure that photos are my love language, and I suddenly need at least a yearly document of our family to see in print all those magical changes that happen as these babies grow.

So here are our ten selected images. Narrowing them down was so tough, and seeing just how brilliant the quality is makes me need to choose a few more for our album too. I’ve included our entire online gallery too so you can see them all if you’re interested!

lathey_family_shoot-5lathey_family_shoot-41lathey_family_shoot-11lathey_family_shoot-16I mean just look at that little face? And the way her tiny amount of mousy hair is brushed to one side and that sparkle in her beautiful eyes? These little parts of her beauty are so easily missed or forgotten about as she changes that having them in print will always mean so much.

lathey_family_shoot-38lathey_family_shoot-30James wasn’t even going to be able to be here until a happy change to his working day. We have so few photos of all three of us so it was amazing to be able to get such wonderful candid shots. The way he’s looking at Elin makes me so happy- he is so equally proud and in love with our amazing daughter and it makes me love him in a hundred new ways.

lathey_family_shoot-21It was so easy just to pick the most beautiful shots of our Elin but with it being a maternity shoot I wanted a reminder of this pregnancy too. And it’s a great reminder to keep loving this bump of mine and embrace my changing body.


I really can’t recommend Kate highly enough. For her laid back approach, and for images that make me so joyful, I couldn’t have anyone else capture our family. This time is so fleeting and days with our baby and bump are flying by too fast that having a beautiful reminder of it is so special. And Kate really understands that. I can’t wait to see what she creates when we welcome our new born next year.

So if your in the southwest and looking for  a family or lifestyle photographer, do check her out! You won’t be disappointed. And I’m sure her wedding photography is second to none too- having the stamp of approval from our own wedding photographer speaks for itself!

Here’s the whole gallery for anyone still curious!


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