Happy New Year, World!


2016 was a wonderful year for our family. We have had the absolute joy of watching Elin grow and develop in the most incredible way, becoming a truly amazing, affectionate and intelligent little girl before our eyes. This year she’s learned to walk and talk, agrue and tantrum, sing and dance and everything in between. 2017 will see her turning two and starting nursery, as well as becoming a beautiful big sister to our baby bump.

Which brings me to our biggest blessing of the year, becoming pregnant and carrying our precious baby number 2. We were both really hopeful that 2016 would find us expecting again, and I’m so grateful to start 2017 eagerly awaiting baby Lathey’s arrival in February.

We also moved house this year, which we’re still trying to get exactly as we like it. James joined the fire service, while his business goes from strength to strength and I started this blog as a way to remember all of our memories and hopefully show our children one day too.

Obviously our Italy adventure was a massive highlight for us all, as we spent 2 beautiful weeks exploring such a fantastic country and experiencing so many sites, tastes and so much culture. But we also got to explore Jersey which feels like a life time ago but was a wonderful treat too. By the end of January we should have booked our tickets to go back to NEW YORK (eeeeek!) for the end of October, as a family of four. I’m already so excited for that trip. We’ve had a fairly modest )though lovely) Christmas in anticipation, but the gift of travel is the best thing we could give each other!

I’m not big on resolutions, and while I could make massive claims that I’l allow the babies less screen time, give up chocolate myself or loose my patience less, I’d rather just focus on continuing the good habits I try and instigate all year around. Because in reality, be it 2017 or 2027, I’l still allow too much postman pat in our house, I’l still demolish that jar of nutella and likely still loose my sh*t on a daily basis. And that’s okay too. So in the interest of not failing, I’l just do my absolute best to continue making beautiful memories and an amazing childhood for our babies. Things will never ever be perfect, but I’m okay just focusing on the positives and making that count for more than the bad stuff.

So, Happy New year everyone! From me and mine, to you and your’s! Wishing each and everyone of you a happy and healthy new year and may it lead you in exactly the direction you need it to. Here’s hoping that 2017 is kind to us all.



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