Our Mother’s Day!

While I strongly believe we should all celebrate mothers and the amazing, strong and patient role models that they are, every day of the year, it’s still nice to have a special day where its all about them. Who doesn’t like feeling a bit spoiled and a bit appriciated?

Our plan was really just to play it by ear (having a new born and a week of 2 year old birthday celebrations lined up was excitement and chaos enough) but when the sun was really really shining that Sunday we made a quick decision to pop down to Exmouth for the day, routine be damned. We have such a long list of places we want to visit or go back to if we saw them only while passing, and somehow I’ve grown up on the Devon and Dorset boarder and never spent any time in Exmouth so it was on the list. With nothing special or fancy booked we just figured we could create our own little adventure and it really was one of my favourite kind of days. Some pictures.



This picture just makes me laugh so much. I just imagine her saying ‘and here we have my pet dinosaur!’ as shes posing with him so perfectly!

I wil forever love to see my babies on the beach. For me it was such an integral part of childhood, but I also know how lucky I am for that to be the case. I feel even luckier that I get to give that to my children, too. And Exmouth was such a perfect beach for toddlers as there was no distractions. Often on our more local beach Elin likes to wonder off as the cafes and pubs catch her attention, but it was such a beautiful stretch of beach here she could (and did) just play and play.


I’l be honest, I’ve sort of hated 90% of pictures of me since Etty’s birth, but I’m doing my best not to delete them even if I’m really inclined too. I know that even though I still look a bit lumpy, my clothes don’t really fit right, I will be really glad to have these one day. Besides, my body bought two beautiful girls into this world in as many years so it’s pretty damn amazing and I need to be a bit kind to it. Which means sharing those pictures and appreciating the love that they show, not the lumps. 😉

Talking of love, the look this girl gives her Daddy? Pure, complete, love. mothersday17mothersday10mothersday16mothersday15

The other thing lovely about this beach was all the beautiful shells all over. perfect for collecting, as demonstrated. We also found mussel and clam shells and lots of tiny treasures making it lovely for toddlers.mothersday21mothersday20

Once we finished on the beach we picnicked in the children’s park. Elin basically lives for slides so it was an instant win, but there were also sweet little pedal boats and miniature golf too. We’ll come back when both girls are a bit older and be able to take full advantage on those activities, too.


The promise of ice cream was the only thing that had her leaving the park and the slides. Pretty sure this girl will do anything for ice cream. I guess that’s life living by the sea.

And there’s my littlest love! She’s already grown so much, has started smiling and is just lovely to have with us. She’s also a  total milk monster and sleep theif, but I feel like I’m still in the zone from Elin to cope with all that! I’m really savoring these new born days as I’m aware just how stupidly fast time will go. As much as I can not wait to see her chasing her big sister, exploring on the beach together, I’l gladly take these endless days of sleepy, milky cuddles and soak up the new born-ness for as long as possible.mothersday26mothersday27

And a final shot of that all important ice cream. She is just too adorable right now!

We had a really lovely mothers day and it was the perfect excuse for a little adventure in the sun. I really hope we get more spring days like this because it brings me so much contentment and joy. And on a final note, somehow this big little girl is TWO this week. How on earth? Her birthday has really snuck up on us after Etty’s arrival, and I’m full of that mum guilt that I won’t be giving it the full attention that it deserves. The celebrations may be small and simple, but we’ll celebrate HER and all that she is in the fullest way possible, this week and every day. Because she’s just completely brilliant!

I hope all of my mum friends had a brilliant day on Sunday. No matter how you celebrated I think we all agree that having our littles by our side is the best present imaginable. I’l always be grateful to mine for enriching my life in a way I never even imagined. What a beautiful, challenging, frustrating but privileged journey it is, to be a mum. I’m so not fit for it, but I do my best.


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