If you go into the woods today…

We finally managed to take a little walk out in the blue bells. Its become a little tradition of ours since we took our engagement photos here (which also became our save the dates), way back before babies. We then took Elin’s new born photos among the blue bells as well as visiting again when she was a walking adorable 1 year old. This year we visited as four and its so special to look back on all those years of pictures and see how our family has grown. And as we finished up today we both commented how in another year we’ll likely have two babies to run about after. I love how no matter how long the days and weeks can feel, everything keeps moving and  a new season will come- both physically and metaphorically. Little reminders like our blue bell walk remind me of that, and it definitely helps focus you on the big things, rather than the everyday worries that, really, amount to very little.

We went up to Coney’s castle which is an area of the national trust and always has an amazing blue bell display. The added bonus that its a relatively short but very pretty circular walk is fab for the littles, and theres also lots of good tree climbing trees as well as a valley of leaves and a more meadow like area for picnics. Pretty much an ideal spot for a morning like this.DSC_0344

DSC_0334DSC_0338DSC_0340Now, as much as we encourage her, Elin can get a bit bored on walks like this. Without the incentive of a slide, or the encouragement of her toddler friends, she gets tired or cold which always results in moaning. Knowing this, and knowing how much she’s enjoying filling the title of ‘terrible twos’, we decided to make it a bit more fun for her. So before we arrived James hid drawings of all her favourite characters among the trees for her to find. It was a MASSIVE hit. Amazingly those little legs of hers didn’t tire as she searched for each image and she got so into it, shouting for Peppa pig and George or asking silly Dipsy why he was in the tree. It was completely adorable and meant we could all really enjoy being outdoors together. I highly recommend doing this with any toddlers, with only a little forward planning Elin had a pretty magical morning in her eyes!


It really is a beautiful time of year, the longer evenings and spring tides are enough to make my heart really happy, throw in this splash of blue and I feel pretty good about life right now!DSC_0389DSC_0391DSC_0380DSC_0379Talking of a happy heart, this boy and these babies- gosh! Elin is talking more and more, coming out with some incredible one liners, while Etty has two simple modes- Sleep, or smiles. For such  a little person she really is damn cute. She’s really recognising us and seemingly likes us (big bonus) and just fits right into our crazy little world. I love seeing James ‘wear’ Etty, he doesn’t get too as much this time round due to being on call, but I stand by my previous resolve; there really is nothing better than a baby wearing daddy!DSC_0381DSC_0448DSC_0372DSC_0431DSC_0432Elin, you are huge!DSC_0415DSC_0418DSC_0360DSC_0383DSC_0378I’m likely way over sharing these photos, but it was so cute! you clearly get the idea 😉 Seeing how animated she was to find all these characters in the woods almost made staying up until midnight the night before colouring, worth it. And with the sleep thief that is Etty, whose only good stretch is that 6pm until midnight, I’m pretty proud of our commitment! And also pretty determined to get our printer set up so it all could have been done with the click of a button.DSC_0441DSC_0442I love my two girls more than anything and truly can not wait to have Etty join in with all these adventures. At the same time, it really is special being able to do something specifically for Elin while Etty happily sleeps. She had our undivided attention for two whole years so I really do think its important she still sees that. In her little life shes undergone MASSIVE changes so to see her happy and content and giving her something so special to her, makes me so happy. She seemingly takes it all in her stride and I’m so proud of the little girl she is growing in to, but I don’t want to take that joy for granted either. For an up and down week for lots of reasons, its certainly ended on a high! Although we will likely have to carry our Cbeebies characters around to every forest we visit from now on 😉

Wishing you all a brilliant bank holiday weekend!DSC_0413


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