1Its a seriously Monday monday out there, summer looks like its been and gone, so I’m cheering myself up during nap time by looking through our photos from our evening spent kayaking last week.

It was one of my favourite days being a mumma and one of my favourite evenings to round it off. The sort of day where everyone just behaves beautifully, the toddler doesn’t moan, the baby just sleeps, you throw away all sort of routine in favour of a day of adventures and an ice cream supper. After an epic melt down the day before (from ALL of us) this was needed so badly and it felt like a perfect bonding day with my big girl. And then to top it off the tide was just right and we were able to take Elin out on the kayak for the first time. I was pretty skeptical, but she LOVED it and now we are really on the look out for two doubles to take the girls out properly when Etty is older. I really just love these pictures as it was honestly one of the best memories as a family. We finished the day truely knackered but absolutely on a high.122Never seen anything cuter than baby wet suits and a baby life jacket, although she moved sort of like a sumo wrestler, it was adorable. 7543Admittedly she didn’t do a whole heap of ‘kayaking’ but she loved howing the stones, splashing daddy and singing ‘Row row row your boat’ all the same. We picked up this little sport kayak second hand and neither of us parents are super confident on it compared to a sit in kayak like we’re used to. But to get Elin used to being out on the water its more than ample. By next summer hopefully she’ll be totally ready for a genuine trip out and maybe take her fishing. She has no idea how lucky she is to have a childhood spent like this!

1413kyakEtty had totally boobed to sleep in the wrap, hence why shes so wonky (my kids are so amazing they both only ever fed from one side- cheers girls!) But I am so in love with baby wearing for enabling me to meet all of Etty’s needs (pretty much being cuddled and fed and thats it) while not missing out on time and memory making with Elin. We were so lucky to win another solly wrap over on insta that it doesn’t matter if one gets a bit beat up (in the sea, for instance) as we can always have one ready for the next day. Its the one and only baby item I just can’t be without and it has saved the day more times than I can count. I recommend it to anyone who’ll listen, and I’m pretty in awe of mums of more than one who manage without a stretchy in the early days, I know I couldn’t!98Ice cream dinner for our pro beach babe. We honestly viist this beach at least every other day and she rarely leaves without an icecream, we don’t even pretend not to let her anymore. This girls in charge, for sure! PS could she look anymore like her daddy? I don’t think so!

1110If this was any indication of how summer is going to be, I’l be super happy with that. As much as having routines and getting important things done (like housework, for instance) is great, I really do think taking a day or a few days to just enjoy each other is worth more. Its something we’re trying really hard to do between all of James’ work, even just an hour a day to be silly together and not worry about boring things, really makes all of us so much happier.

Here’s to another week!


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