Camping at Lady’s Mile, Dawlish


As a surprise to James, and a treat to us all, I booked us all to go camping over the weekend for Father’s day. It was three years ago to the day that we last went camping as a couple (over night pit stop between a day at Ascot and then a day at thorpe park!) and obviously this time we had our girls in tow. How hard could camping with two littles be? Honestly? Not very.  Admittedly we only stayed one night, but toddlers and the outdoors are just perfect together (and Etty is still at that really transportable age- boob and a cuddle and shes no real bother!) So we all had a really amazing 24 hours at Lady’s Mile camp site in Dawlish. I picked it because it had all the facilities that could entertain Elin- swimming, slides, soft play, kids club, as well as pitches that are completely out of the way so we could get the best of both worlds. As it turns out Elin needed no entertainment other than the tent and the open pitch, but it was good to have it all there as back up. Some photos!

109111615So, when I say camping was a piece of cake, I have to give credit to the AMAZING weather we were blessed with. It couldn’t have been nicer for it. We could literally stay outdoors all day and night, just having fun with water, collecting flowers and playing football all while chasing bubbles and it really was that dreamy. If it had rained I’d of been the first to look at coming straight back home! But in this case it was gorgeous.

1317222120BBQ dinner was called for! and just look at my naked girls! Elin will just randomly ask to ‘hold her! Hold Etty’ and my mumma heart swells with pride and love and we drop everything to make sure she can have that cuddle. It obviously makes Elin really happy, and amazingly Etty is always super chilled out and allows and enjoys it too! so much love for these sisters and the years of memories like this ahead of them.

241814I’m pretty sure every mother will say that she’s happiest when her children are happy. So apparently this is now my happy place. Life with littles is rarely all sunshine and smiles- I promise you our day to day doesn’t often look this sweet, but when it does! its enough to keep you going through all the tears ad tantrums and all the helplessness that being a mum entails, because these smiles are everything.

30Personally I love an excuse to celebrate Dad’s and the wonderful men who live up to that title. We are so lucky with this one we call ours! In an ideal world, sure we’d show that love and appreciation every day and of course we try to, but every day life and stress creeps in. I love days like this where everyone stops and focuses on whats important and really matters. Which was why getting away together was the perfect gift. We aren’t that big on ‘things’, and always try and make memories and have life experiences instead, so this was a relatively inexpensive way of achieving all of that! And all just a small way telling this Daddy how much we love him.

25After checking out on Sunday we made a quick pit stop to Dawlish Warren. Unfortunately the main beach was under construction and all fenced off, but we still managed a splash in the sea all the same. When the girls are a bit older and can acsess all the amusments I can see so many days spent here.262728Train spotting with my girls! James was so excited to see the trains go right past the beach, for Elin’s sake of course, and I think it satisfied the kid in him when he actually saw several!

We headed home in time for tea, after an ice cream lunch. No idea how we were only away for 24 hours but it felt like a genuine break from the ordinary for us. The only downside is the realisation after a day out that we’re still the responsible ones and can’t just be looked after, afterwards! As far as a gift for Father’s day goes, I think a camping pitch is a pretty good one. If every weekend of summer could be like this my heart would be so happy! We’re already talking about returning in September with a few friends to keep those summer vibes lasting that bit longer. Have a good week everyone!



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