Adventures in potty training!

DSC_0583Big big news in little Elin Gracy Lathey’s world this week. This girl has been shedding her baby-ness at alarming rates since Etty’s arrival and last week she declared she was a big girl now and would poo in the toilet! And just like that, she did. I’ve been really resisting the idea of potty training, despite lots of her friends her age already well underway to going nappy free, but there comes a point I couldn’t fight it any longer, so off to the shops we went for big girl pants. (or big boy pants as thomas the tank boxers were the winners!) Now, I’m writing this within the first week of wearing pants so I’m not foolish enough to think we’re home and dry (pun intended) but I can say that she is doing amazing. And I don’t think James and I could be more excited to see poop in a toilet! suddenly all our texts throughout the day consist of ‘another wee in the potty!’ ‘ANOTHER wee in the potty!’ and so on. Who said romance was dead?

I’ve been resisting it for a while because I don’t really even like the word training. I really do feel this is a milestone that shouldn’t be taught but that they lead the way in. Its a question we were asked a thousand times when we were pregnant with Etty- ‘wouldn’t it be nice to have her trained before baby arrives?’ (not espeically, no) And even more so when she hit her second birthday, as if two is some magical number that indicates readiness. I also really didn’t like the idea of potty training while in New york in 6 weeks (subway toilets? air ports? areoplanes? Not entirely sure how that’s going to work and i’m still annoyed she couldn’t hold on just a few more weeks 😉 ) Plus completely lazy, I like the convenience of nappies, going as far away from home as you like, staying out as long as you like and not considering where the nearest toilet is, is pretty sweet. (For me at least, James still has to take those things into consideration himself.) But with my sweet girl paving the way, it was pretty much down to her and I did have to hop on board and run with it, before she lost all that enthusiasm.

And she’s doing AMAZINGLY. sure, there’s been the inevitable accidents that come with learning but we’ve not had to fight her on any of it. Entirely baby led. We were doing a sticker chart to encourage it but within a few days even that was boring- she wasn’t doing it for the rewards or praise, just doing it because that’s where wee and poo go- in the toilet. so matter of fact, in truth we are still cheering with excitement and its become very ordinary for her already.

I really don’t have any magic tips except for waiting for when Babe is ready, irregardless of age and other developmental milestones they may have reached. We all know that but occasionally it can be tempting to tick another box and run before you can walk, because it is all really exciting! And the never ending questions regarding potty training from well mean strangers can get a bit trying, you start questioning what you should be doing and if they are somehow behind. They aren’t. If you catch yourself wondering if they might be ready I’d say wait a month and see if you still think they are. And then wait another month until they’ve taken the choice away from you and are declaring their own readiness.

But for us, waiting has been key. The potty has been a feature piece in our living room for probably a year now and Elin has always come to the toilet with me out of necessity rather than choice, plus princess polly’s potty training book is a fun read, but we’ve not done anything special otherwise. Ultimately I think we should all try and take the ‘training’ out of potty training. They will let you know when the time is right. Sure, I’m a bit twitchy when out and about watching Elin for her wee dance, but it hasn’t been that stressful- exhausting running back and forth to the toilet with a girl so excited she wees 7 times in an hour just because she can (tell me the novelty will wear off soon?) (edit: its worn off by the time I click publish on this post!), but stressful? Nope. Like everything kid related, when they’re ready there’s no battle and our biggest of Littles has well and truely proved us right on that one. So if Ettienne can take a leap out of Elin’s book in a  few years, that would be great! Now just to see if I’ve jinxed it by writing this and wait for everything to change, as it does so bloody often with parenting.

Gotta finish this with a big shout out to our big girl! She is a super star and I never knew a pride like this (not exclusive to potty training, but its a cute bonus). She’s growing up so fast, smashing her milestones and making my mumma heart so full each day. It really doesn’t matter when they meet the next stage or phase of development, us as parent will always be over the moon whenever that is. And like any mum I’m utterly convinced no smarter kid exists than mine, who weed on the toilet even when she was in the bath- lets face it lots of adults wouldn’t have bothered to come out for that one. There is no job in the world that fills you with pride like motherhood does, their achievements are our achievements, their success ours and its a truly electric feeling.


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