Strawberry Picking!


Last weekend we took the girls strawberry picking over at Ford Abbey. Its one of my favourite summer traditions, one that we’ve done every year since Elin was born. I’m a sucker for seasonal things anyway and any little way to embrace the time of year so this is a perfect welcome into summer for us. I also love strawberries, so there’s that. We timed it to include a picnic lunch on the lawn and just generally let Elin run and play outdoors. Its so pretty here and children just seem so at home among the fruit out doors. I love making Elin’s (and now Etty’s) childhood full of fun traditions and just being a child doing simple things that can feel so special. Here’s some of our photos from our morning.

3762589I don’t know, I just think that in an ideal world, children belong barefoot outdoors, running up and down strawberry patches in summer and bundled up jumping in leaves in Autumn. Life is far from ideal but theres no reason we can’t get a tiny taste of it every now and again with our babies.

2445Elin is full of it right now, every day is something new; her vocabulary is mind blowing for me as she welcomes me into this amazing little world going on inside her head. Its hard to picture next year we’ll have both girls racing around the field and causing chaos but seeing the development in Elin recently I know it will happen before my eyes. Motherhood is a constant battle between being excited and eager to watch your baby thrive in the next stage of childhood but also wanting to keep them tiny for as long as possible. Its even harder second time round as it seems to go so much quicker and you also know just how fleeting the ‘baby’ stage actually is.

151716Everyone climb on the Daddy!

1819‘One day you’ll be tall like me Etty!’ just so much love for my sleep thieving, emotionally temperamental little monsters.

1011121413Some days I’m gladly putting them to bed at 5:30 because I’m just so done with motherhood. But some days I look at them and can’t believe how amazing they are and I want the day to just last that bit longer, to make some more memories. This was definitely one of those days for us. It came off the back of our first date night since Etty’s birth so I’m sure that helped too, but they were really SO good. It was back to business as usual come monday but its nice to know we have pretty brilliant days in us all, anyway.

212223I couldn’t not share these, because they pretty much sum up the last ten days of parenting! I apologize in advance to teenage Elin but, kid, you really are so cute and potty training you has been a dream. Plus nothing says toddler hood quite like this! And then some stranger offered to get a photo of all of us together- it wasn’t quite the family shot we would have chosen but it was certainly candid. When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go, right.


You two are a dream! And making memories with this family of mine is really what its all about for me. Because its days like these we’ll look back on. All the chaos and frustrations and trials will be forgotten but these happy babies are what I’l remember when they’re old and grown. As parents we know we’re blessed, but some days we feel more blessed than others. Must be the sun, but I’m feeling it a lot more right now, between the sleepless nights and toilet trips, I’m feeling really blessed with these two.

Highly recommend popping over to Ford Abbey before the season finishes! Its a lovely way to spend a few hours and a great family tradition for everyone to enjoy, plus a really inexpensive way to keep the littles entertained. I’m sure we’ll try and go again next chance we get. Plus the strawberries are easily better then any you’d buy and I’m pretty sure Elin ate enoguh to get her five a day, every day for this week. Win win.




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