13A few Sunday’s ago we decided to rent one of the little row boats down the bay. We actually did the same thing when Elin was just a babe in arms, but generally we don’t take advantage of these activities so close on our doorstep. We’re hoping to rent a little boat in central park in a few weeks so figured this could be a good test run to see how we cope with toddlers and all. I’l admit I think the ratio of adults to kids should be a little higher to have a spare grown up on board, but other than that I think we did okay! pictures:

1463Notice the stripes? Yep, i’m that mum, and just too cool not too. I stopped myself wearing a powder blue dress like the note book but couldn’t not dress my team in some stripes.

In order to get Elin to enjoy her time on the boat most we played lots of I spy (and mummy spied some baby ducklings which was just precious!), we threw lots of pebbles we’d collected earlier and Elin liked to lean right over to splash her hands. When we find little activities like this Elin gets so much more out of our ltitle adventures and feels much more included too.85214Thats the face you make when your sister grabs your hair (thats taken over two years to even grow!) and won’t let go. Elin clearly noticed way before I did. Etty’s at that super fun grabby stage where she doesn’t actually know how to un-clench those pudgy fists even if she wanted too, and we all know about it!109Just a proud Daddy and his mini me! Elins at a pretty emotional age and I can only sum it up as being very, very two. However I think its important to push her out of comfort zone and try new things right now, despite being a creature of habit sometimes. The look of pride she has when she re tells you of her adventures, even and especially ones she initially wasn’t too sure of, tells me we’re right to keep going in the face of mini toddler melt downs. She’s at an age where she’s really remembering these things and I know that we are building up some of her first ever memories. I really want those to be great memories.

Here’s where I’d want to link back to a blog post from our time on the boat two years ago, to compare and reminisce. Except I was way to scared to have a blog back then so I can’t do that! So I’m chucking some in here anyway, and who knows, next year I’l casually drop the link and compare posts through the years. boattrip7boattrip9boattrip6Here’s to another week! Hopefully the sun stays shining and the toddler tantrums remain few 😉


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