New York, New York


Its gone midnight here so clearly jet lag is still at large but I’m just now starting to look through hundreds of our New York photos. and somehow it still doesn’t feel like we took enough to truly capture how AMAZING our trip was. So many amazing moments were captured on just our phones so its hard to keep everything in any sort of order here but I have to share as these are my favourite memories we could have.

In theory our trip sounded incredible, though a bit insane with the kids in tow. Someone said (and I agreed) that it sounded like a dream holiday/wedding to go to. Without children. I totally understand that! But somehow the entire thing was even better than how it sounded, surpassing our expectations and easily being our top adventure yet. And the girls just made the trip what it was! Condensing all that into just a few blog posts is pretty impossible so expect the next few days or weeks to be very photo heavy and just a mismash of musings from our trip, but here’s a few to kick it off.


Its the first time we’ve traveled with the kids and really criss crossed time zones. I guess having two sleep thieving daughters meant we coped with it fairly well, catching some zzzz’s when we could. But the time difference still hit hard. It meant lots of 4am starts and by the time the parks opened at 8 we were practically banging down the gates desperate to burn off all of Elin’s insane energy. But this city was the perfect spot to do that; New York as your play ground really couldn’t be any more of a dream for a kid like Elin. She was truly in her absolute element. It was basically one big stomping ground and a big holiday to find as many slides as you possible can. Travelling with kids I think you have to embrace that side of it and just enjoy. At least we do.blog5Elin’s face here gets me every time!


We didn’t expect to spend much time at Times Square, but equally it would feel wrong to visit New York and not see it. Its just too iconic and I’m okay being that tourist in all honesty! So we stopped by and actually ended up hanging about all afternoon. The rain was SO welcome and Elin honestly loved the shops; the disney store and M and M world were massive hits for her. Plus she’s still talking about the red steps and entertained everyone jumping up and down them. With the flights, subways, taxis and a lot of walking she surprisingly took being contained very well, but we still used any creative way to get out those wiggles and that meant climbing the iconic stair case about 60 times (each!)15blog21

We took it in turns baby wearing in part because it was so hot! But it also seems to help Elin if we split that time between us, she engages better with the parent whose not attached to the baby so mixing that up always helps keep her a bit more grounded we’ve learned. Its likely the last tiem we use our beloved Solly wrap (with Etty at least 😉 ) so it was lovely to both get some time in with our littlest. And James got all the heart eyes for being that baby wearing daddy, and lots of happy comments too!

In my head I’d thought of New York as really unfriendly and anti social but the reality was so different. Maybe we just go lucky, maybe its the British accent or maybe we just looked like over burdened exhausted parents in desperate need of a boost, but everyone was SO friendly. We had locals helping us with our luggage, offering directions or subway advice without asking, people complimenting the girls, entertaining Elin on the tube, positive comments on breastfeeding and just general conversation starters that, okay we are used to living in the southwest, but that we definitely wouldn’t have expected in the city! It was really refreshing.blog14blog15

For anyone wondering we got around with the girls with a combo of the wrap, the pram, the buggy board. We made the decision we wouldn’t invest in a double (almost exactly 2 years between our daughters) and for the most part that works really well at home, and also here too. We did worry how accessible the Subway would be with the pram but it wasn’t so bad. I wouldn’t fancy doing it alone but with an extra set of Daddy shaped hands we did just fine.


We always wished we’d seen a bit more of central park the first time James and I went as a couple over 4 years ago. It was just one of those things and at the time shopping felt more important so we hoped we’d one day get the chance to go back. This time we spent hours exploring and adventuring and it was beyond lovely! We got to see lots of the iconic bits including the Bethesda fountain and where the remote control boats are sailed with the Alice in Wonderland statues. And we also got to climb lots of rocks, per Elin’s request. And most importantly we got to eat a lunch of Minute maid Ice cream, so it was pretty good for all involved!


Wild turtle spotting, as you do apparently in Central park.blog26blog2526

The heat in New York really was something else! We were expecting it, but at the same time you really couldn’t expect it to be THAT humid. So an ice cream lunch was on the cards almost every day. Elin won’t pose for pictures any more (traitor) so I have to catch her off guard; ice cream also helps with that.


Final picture for today; a rare family of four selfie! I’ve still got loads more posts to share including our afternoon at the Children’s museum of Manhatten, time spent at pier 51, the actual wedding on top of Mount Jo and our stay upstate in Saratoga. I’l also do my best to update my flying with kids post with how we got on flying long haul with both babes, it might be helpful to anyone planning their own adventure in the near future. This trip at least gave me a lot of content 😉 But mostly just memories!

Happy Weekend everyone!


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